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You’ve spent years working hard and studying, and now you’ve learned everything you need to know to land your dream job and make it in the real world, right? Well, not exactly, but don’t worry, your fellow Aggie women have your back. From bringing you the best of Aggie life to making sure you make it past the applicant pile, our Beyond the Books series is here to help you succeed outside of the classroom.

Join us each month for the Aggie Women Network’s no-holds-barred take on all things Aggie. We’re covering it all: why your resume isn’t converting to interviews, how to navigate a male-dominated industry, even the things you never knew you needed to know about Texas A&M former student and forever an Aggie. Not getting what you need? No egos here – tell us what you want to hear about, and we’ll make it happen.

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Beyond the Books: Aggie Women Trailblazers

Join us on Wednesday, September 30th from 12 - 1 p.m. to learn about Aggie Women Trailblazers from the movers and shakers themselves! They have forged their own paths to victory and now they’re sharing their experiences with YOU. Come hear from amazing women like the first women chair of the Texas A&M University System Chancellor’s Council, and one of the first Hispanic women to attend the university.

They’ve got the knowledge and are sharing it with you! Our panelists are always ready to deep dive into the Beyond the Books topics. Each series will feature new panelists. Read a little more about our panelists for our upcoming series, Beyond the Books: Aggie Women Trailblazers, below.

Dr. Dana D. Wells

Name: Dr. Dana D. Wells
Title: CEO & Principal
Organization: Dana Wells & Associates, Inc.

Bio: Dr. Dana is a Texas Aggie class of 1993, earning a BS in psychology. She also holds a Ph.D. in human capital management, an MBA, and an MA in industrial/organizational psychology. Born to lead, she is the Principal of Dana Wells & Associates, an award-winning management consulting firm located in Houston, TX. Companies and career seekers hire her organization to help them adapt to market disruptions such as COVID-19, digital transformation, and implement $50-150M new growth strategies.

Name: Irma Alvarado
Title: Office Administrator
Organization: Alvarado Architects and Associates, Inc.

Bio: Irma Alvarado graduated 1970 with a degree in Education from Texas A&M. She was one of the earliest known Hispanic females to complete a degree from A&M. Irma was one of the honorees at the ”Siempre Hispanics” celebration at Texas A&M and an exhibit with her story was displayed at the Cushing Memorial Library. The Aggie Access Learning Communities honored her by naming one of the learning centers as Alvarado Community. Irma has also received the Aggie Women Legacy Award, The Spirit Told Exhibit, and the Servant Leader Award.

Irma Alvarado

Randi Mays-Knapp

Name: Randi Mays-Knapp
Title: Certified Etiquette & Leadership Coach
Organization: Randi Mays-Knapp

Bio: Randi Mays-Knapp (’79) is an entrepreneur, speaker, leader, and continuous learner. She is an active presence across Texas A&M University wearing a variety of hats. Randi can be seen in the classroom, attending events, speaking, and volunteering. She autographs all she does with excellence and strives to be at her best on the stage of everyday life. Randi is a true trailblazer as the first woman President & Muster speaker of the Houston A&M Club. She was also the first woman on the 12th Man Foundation Board and the Chancellors Century Council Board.

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