Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie

The Aggie Women Network is a volunteer organization passionate about giving back – back to our University, back to each other.

Together, we are building a legacy of strong Aggie women for current and former students.

The Aggie Women Network started in 2007 and is a Constituent Network of Former Students. Our organization has flourished over our 13+ year history and we continue to grow each year. We host networking opportunities, mentorship programs, grant scholarships and so much more. By supporting Aggie women, we ensure our impact leaves a powerful legacy.

The mission of the Aggie Women Network shall be to enhance the excellence of Texas A&M University by promoting the active engagement of women in the educational, charitable and cultural life of the institution. The Aggie Women Network provides opportunities for women former students to connect to Texas A&M University, students, faculty, staff and other Aggies through mentoring, leadership opportunities and building a community focused on Aggie Women. The Aggie Women Network seeks to increase philanthropic ties to the University and recognize outstanding Aggie Women and faculty. In the representation of its membership and in all its activities, the Aggie Women Network shall strive to value and promote inclusiveness and diversity.

Connecting. Engaging. Giving back.

A Message from the President

January 2022

Howdy and welcome to our Aggie Women Network. It is my honor to serve as President of our 2022 Board alongside some of the best Aggie women from across the country.

As a board, this year we are focusing on putting our Passions Behind the Purpose of the Aggie Women Network: to connect, engage, and give back. We successfully adjusted during the last two years, and are happy to report that we are at our highest membership level ever.

As a member, there are many opportunities for you to get engaged, give back, or participate in big or small ways to feel the connections we all share through Texas A&M.

We are working hard for you to keep opportunities available for engagement with and involvement with other women who have in interest in giving back to the school that has given us so much. We continue to see successful growth in Amplify, our member-to-current student mentoring program. We plan on adding a second program focused on connected members with each other for mentorship, comradery, and networking. We are also expanding programming to include permanent virtual options and at least one event in a regional location outside of College Station. We host several events in College Station throughout the year, and our Awards Luncheon in October is a wonderful time to get back on campus and celebrate successful Aggie Women. And we have chartered a diversity committee, aimed at fostering inclusion for all women.

Bring your Aggie spirit and join us, and encourage someone you know to become a member. Even better, bring your passion and volunteer with us. Who knows the impact you may feel or share, or the relationships you’ll create. As we say, we are “stronger together” and truly contribute to the Texas A&M Legacy through Aggie Women.

Thank you and Gig ‘Em,

Stephanie Muniz Murphy, ’00
2022 President

Stephanie Murphy ‘00, 2022 President